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HVAC Repair Miramar Beach, Florida

24 Hour Emergency HVAC Repair In Miramar Beach

Looking for a licensed HVAC Contractor near Miramar Beach, Florida? You’re in the right place. We specialize in both commercial and residential heating and cooling repair and installations. No matter what you need, I will always deliver top quality work at unbeatable prices depending on estimate and type of repair or installation. I carry most common parts on our service truck and can hard get parts for different manufacturers quickly from multiple different local HVAC supply companies. 


Elite Heating and Air LLC is new HVAC company serving NW Florida area. I strive to make each of my customers 100% satisfied in both price and service standard. If your home needs a new heat pump or other type of heating or cooling option then I have financing options for almost anyone. Give me the opportunity to earn your business and save you some money on all services and installations. Contact me for the best possible price available.

What HVAC Repair and Installation Contractors Actually Do?

HVAC contractors cover a wide swath of mechanical, electrical, carbon-fuel and water based systems. But what do they do on a regular basis?

  • MAINTENANCE: Inspection and maintenance services focus on things like checking pipes and tube joints for leakage, testing thermostats, checking and refilling refrigerant levels, testing electric circuits, inspecting fans and motors, cleaning air ducts, troubleshooting various components for optimal efficiency or faults, or changing HVAC air filters.

  • REPAIRS: The next step up from maintenance is the actual repair work necessary when problems are discovered. This portion of the job requires installing/repairing/replacing specific faulty parts on a heating or cooling system to get the heat or air conditioning running again. This is where a majority of attention is focused in the average HVAC contractor, as repairs are often on an emergency basis, particularly in the cold of winter or extreme heat of summer.

  • INSTALLATION: Tasks included in an HVAC system installation may include surveying/inspecting the current system and set up, taking measurements to ensure a new system is the proper size and capacity for the home; carefully de-installing the existing system, being careful to minimize the disturbance of comfort for the occupants of the home or office; connecting the new units, which can involve installing ductwork, wiring, tubing, pipes, or electrical supply lines; and a final check after installation to ensure the job is completed and the system is safe and ready for the homeowners to use.


The job of an HVAC technician is fairly complicated and can vary significantly from one home or office to the next. Every maintenance job and repair is different from the last. Every maintenance job may require totally different steps and processes than the previous, depending on the age and condition of the system being checked. Installations can also vary considerably, depending on the age of the structure and how well the existing system was installed. In some cases, completely new ductwork may need to be installed in a structure that had none before.

Experienced, licensed, trained and certified HVAC contractors have all the skills necessary to review the job that needs to be done and to perform each step required to complete a job successfully. The end goal, obviously, is to get the system running as quickly and smoothly as possible and restore environmental comfort to the occupants of the home or office.

What Can An Elite HVAC Contractor Do For You?

Our team offers a wide array of routine maintenance and emergency services for your heating and cooling system, allowing your family to breathe fresh, safe, clean air and be comfortable year-round. We also offer a number of add-ons to your HVAC equipment that can improve your home’s IAQ, such as  air filters, whole-house humidifiers, duct cleaning, and more.

Schedule an appointment for HVAC system troubleshooting or maintenance with us today by using our online contact form, or call. We pride ourselves on our customer-focused service.

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