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Quality Heating and Cooling Services

It’s all too easy to take your heating and cooling systems for granted—until they break down. When it comes time to replace or repair a HVAC system in your home or workplace, you may feel as if you don’t fully comprehend the mechanisms at work.


Indoor and outdoor components are common in air conditioning systems. The compressor and condenser are typically found on the outside of an air conditioning unit, while the evaporator and expansion valve are found on the inside. This will be connected to a ventilation system that runs throughout the building. Heating systems come in a range of shapes and sizes. Many property owners have a gas or electric heater that heats the air before moving it through the ventilation system.


The component of your HVAC system that carries cold or warm air to different parts of your home or building is the ventilation system. It’s also in charge of removing hazardous pollutants, irritants, and other particles from the air. A reliable ventilation system will be built to effectively control the structure’s climate in which it is installed.

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Heating and air conditioning systems are required in Florida to maintain a comfortable home or office environment. The winters and summers in our state are exceptionally tough. You’ll need a year-round HVAC system that’s both powerful and dependable.

Elite Heating and Air takes the time to make sure each job is done right. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts at the expense of quality and we’re proud to provide our clients with professional service and trusted guidance through all your home’s heating and cooling needs. We are committed to providing the highest quality work at a price you can afford. From new HVAC installations to routine maintenance and repair, we have you covered. Ditch the guesswork and leave your home’s heating and cooling performance to the professionals.


From day one, we have committed ourselves to making our work as approachable as possible. That means no confusing assessments and no hidden costs. We help you better understand what your home needs to be at its very best and we provide a proven roadmap for how we can make it happen. At Elite Heating and Air, we’re working hard to make sure we’re providing long-lasting confidence for each and every client. That is our promise to you the customer.

Heating and Air Conditioning Services By Elite

As a comprehensive provider of heating and cooling systems, we offer our clients access to a broad range of HVAC services. 

Residential and Commercial Services:

As a comprehensive provider of heating and cooling systems, we offer our clients access to a broad range of HVAC services. 
If you live in one of our service areas listed below, and you want to keep your heating and cooling system in good working order at all times. Our professionals can help with the installation of new systems, the replacement of old systems, the repair of existing systems, and the scheduling of routine maintenance for existing HVAC units.

We provide residential services to landlords for rental houses, large apartment buildings, and a range of other residential and commercial structures. We’ve worked with many different type of HVAC systems and no heating or cooling job is too difficult for us!
Our specialists are extremely qualified, skilled, and licensed to tackle any heating or cooling project, no matter how large or small. Whether your property’s HVAC system is brand new or completely outdated, our technicians can work around your current setup to complete your project on time and with great results.

If your current system needs to be updated, Elite can also assist you with a new installation or replacing your current dinosaur. We will walk you through the different products and help you choose one that best suits your lifestyle and your budget. You can expect the following when you contact our reliable technicians:
Free Estimates on Complete System Replacement
Schedule an Appointment at (850) 398-9633



  • Knowledge and Experience

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Skilled Professionals

  • High-quality repairs and installation

  • Reliable Technicians

  • Reasonable rates and No upfront prices

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Types of Heating and Cooling Services:

You’ll need a team that can react swiftly if your system fails. While some HVAC repair companies take a long time to arrive at your home and repair the problem, we make sure to fix all your heating or cooling issues right away. One of our experts will examine your HVAC system to see if there are any severe issues. We’ll identify the repair need and fix it right away, and we can work on any make or model HVAC.


Your current HVAC system will most likely need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Working with an expert staff who can do the job swiftly and affordably is critical if you’re going to invest in a replacement system. You don't want to buy a new HVAC system only to have it not work properly due to faulty installation by another HVAC Contractor that isn't Elite Heating and Air LLC.

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HVAC systems, like any other expensive mechanical product, require routine maintenance. Many property owners, however, neglect the need of properly maintaining their systems. Unfortunately we do not offer HVAC maintenance on either residential and commercial units. We do offer some maintenance services based on a repair like cleaning coils etc........ 


There’s nothing our crew can’t manage, whether it’s  maintenance, air conditioner repairs, or heating installation. We follow a stringent code of ethics that includes providing excellent service, treating customers with honesty and respect, and providing transparent pricing. We respect your time; thus, we promise on-time arrivals. Our team is always available to assist you if you require emergency HVAC services 24/7 in any of the service areas listed below. Contact us immediately to set up an appointment.​

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